Why Labyrinths?

We decided to start this adventure with Labyrinths because the idea itself was inspired by our own twisting, turning journey through life.  We won’t bore you here with all the details, but suffice it to say that Labyrinths are both a physical and metaphorical representation of our lives.  We have always been attracted to the Labyrinth as a spiritual tool, and when we went hunting to add to our small collection of Labyrinth products, we felt we could add to the catalog of products offered to the worldEntering into this market is a labor of love and inspiration, and we sincerely hope we can enhance your own spiritual journey with our contributions.

What is a Labyrinth?

As far back as the Middle Ages, Labyrinths have been found in churches, cathedrals and other sacred spaces.  Labyrinths are paths that lead the participant in some winding journey to the center of the shape, and then back out again.  There is only one path, leading both in and out of the pattern, in one continuous line, though the line takes a circuitous route to get there.  Unlike the mythological Labyrinth of Crete, the Sacred Labyrinth is not a maze, with false roads or dead ends.

Labyrinths in various forms are found in diverse religious traditions around the world.  Many Labyrinth devotees believe this is evidence to the divine nature of the symbol.  But whether or not you believe in the innate divinity of Labyrinths, very few who have experienced the graceful elegance of a Labyrinth journey argue with its deep spiritual impact.

Who Makes Mad Moon Arts Labyrinths?

We do!  (Well, Matt does...not Bobbi, for which you should all be very grateful.)  They are cut by a small computer controlled router.   Matt figured out the machine & the software, watches the whole process like a hawk, and hand finishes each labyrinth.  He's also spent a ton of time researching wood, bits, and lots of other technical aspects of woodworking to make the best possible Labyrinth he can.

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